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Integrated in silico modeling to accelerate drug discovery

Enhance the Value of Your Therapeutic Candidates Through Bioinformatics Analysis

Apply the most appropriate in silico framework to your pharmacology data or historical datasets to:

Expert In Silico Modeling for Robust and Predictive Data

Our in-house team of bioinformaticians have a proven track record for improving the clinical success of client compounds. Integrate advanced statistics into your drug development projects to gain significant biological insight into your therapeutic candidate.

Biomarker Discovery and Validation

  • Streamline biomarker discovery from in vitro pharmacology raw data with our user-friendly automated biomarker discovery tool
  • Uncover potential predictive biomarkers via analysis of high throughput cell line screens (OmniScreen™)
  • Improve patient stratification by analyzing mouse clinical trial (MCT) data beyond simple efficacy metrics and endpoint based analysis
  • Rescue previously unsuccessful drugs through reinterpretation of clinical trial results

Linear Mixed Model Identifies EGFR as Top Gene in Predicting Cetuximab Efficacy

Guo et al. BMC Cancer (2019) 19:718

Advanced Study Design, Analysis, and Model Selection

  • Enhance accuracy by quantifying activities for all canonical pathways and correlating pathway activities to target gene and protein expression
  • Increase confidence by correlating target gene expression to patient clinical information and public databases
  • Optimize MCT study design through our published statistical framework
  • Better inform drug development with empirical analysis of historical data and advanced statistics

Example Statistical Power Curve Based on SoC Treatment Datasets

Guo et al. BMC Cancer (2019) 19:718

Combination Effect Analysis

  • Readily visualize and understand the combination effects of your compounds in vitro or ex vivo with CrownSyn™

3D Response Surface Plot for Combination Efficacy Assessment

Other available services include genomic profiling, NGS data analysis and transfer, and software licensing.

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