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Murine cancer cells expressing human targets for immunotherapy drug development

Combine with Humanized Target HuGEMM™ Models to Assess Human Ligand-Receptor Interaction

The preclinical development of human-specific immunotherapeutics such as checkpoint inhibitors is currently hampered by a lack of immunotherapy models featuring human targets in the presence of a functional immune system.

We’ve developed HuCELL, mouse tumor cells engineered to express humanized targets such as PD-L1. You can use HuCELL models to evaluate the efficacy of human specific agents targeting humanized proteins expressed on tumor cells.

HuCELL is the sister platform to HuGEMM mice. Combining HuCELL and HuGEMM models provides an ideal platform for assessing human specific agents targeting the immune system.

HuCELL Concept

HuCELL models are fully validated for human protein expression by FACS, as well as ligand and antibody binding.

Benefits of HuCELL Models

  • Save study resources by using HuCELL and HuGEMM combined models as a cost effective alternative to more complex fully humanized models.

  • Evaluate human-specific biological therapies in vivo when no mouse ortholog is available.

  • Assess human ligand-receptor interaction combining HuCELL with HuGEMM models.

Available HuCELL Models


Choose the HuCELL model that fits your research needs.

Target Syngeneic Line Strategy Mouse Strain
5T4 MC38 Over-expression C57BL/6
B7H3 MC38 Over-expression C57BL/6
CCl1 MC38 Over-expression C57BL/6
CD19 EMT6/A20 Overexpression BALB/c
CD20 A20 Overexpression BALB/c
CD47 MC38 KO/Overexpression C57BL/6
CD47/PD-L1 MC38 KO/Over-expression C57BL/6
CD73 MC38 Over-expression C57BL/6
CEA CT26.WT Overexpression BALB/c
CLDN18.2 MC38 Over-expression C57BL/6
EGFR CT26.WT Overexpression BALB/c
EpCAM MC38/CT26.WT Overexpression C57BL/6; BALB/c
GPC3 CT26.WT Overexpression BALB/c
HER2 EMT6/MC38 Overexpression BALB/c; C57BL/6
hPDL1-hFABa MC38 Overexpression C57BL/6
PD-L1 4T1 KO/Over-expression BALB/c
PD-L1 B16-F10 KO/Over-expression C57BL/6
PD-L1 MC38 KO/Overexpression C57BL/6
PSMA RM-1 Tet inducible C57BL/6
PSMA MC38 Over-expression C57BL/6
PVR MC38 Over-expression C57BL/6
SIGLEC15 MC38 Overexpression C57BL/6
TNFR2 CT26.WT Over-expression BALB/c

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