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Pharmacology and Bioanalytical Services

Leverage our bioanalytic services to rapidly profile and evaluate your agent’s biological properties. Discover our full pharmacology and bioanalysis platform including in vivo PK services for both small molecules and biologics.

Biofluid Testing

Hematology analysis, biofluid chemistry, and biomarker analysis for robust, high-quality data. Use as a standalone service, or as a supplement to in vivo studies.

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Rodent Immuno-Safety Models

Study unique immune-related adverse events (irAEs) associated with immunotherapies, using HuGEMM™ and HuCELL™ human target knock-in models.

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Safety Pharmacology Studies

Assess potential adverse side effects as standalone assessments in cardiovascular, metabolic or renal systems, or embed them within our overall toxicological profiling.

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Structural Biology

Understand biological structure and its impact on efficacy with various protein expression platforms including mammalian cells, E. coli strains, virus, insect cells, and yeast cells.

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Target Validation

Use our comprehensive tool set including RNAi, gene cloning and stable transfection, RT-PCR and reporter gene assays to determine the biological functions of your cancer target.

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