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Progress your preclinical I/O molecules with our comprehensive range of models and services.

Immuno-oncology (I/O) being such a highly diverse therapeutic area requiring specialist knowledge to progress in the field. The development of new immunotherapies still faces many challenges. Crown Bioscience have gained unrivalled preclinical and translational I/O experience through our partnerships with the world's leading I/O companies.

In Vitro Services

Leverage our I/O in vitro and ex vivo services to quickly identify the right target for your immunotherapy. We offer a wide range of assays and platforms for in vitro testing of I/O agents, including core immunophenotyping, functional assays, and technologies for the regulation of the tumor microenvironment, allowing you to move with confidence to the next phase of drug development.

  • Our 3D Ex Vivo Patient Tissue Platform is the most patient-relevant ex vivo system available. The platform was developed to provide critical information to understand the potential success of the study compounds and therapeutics and is suitable to study multiple cancer types
  • Our core in vitro immunophenotyping and cell profiling platform provides a comprehensive range of assays including FACS, IHC, cytokine profiling and T cell receptor sequencing for biomarker identification and diagnostic development.
  • A variety of functional assays are available to investigate your compound’s ability to activate the immune system, regulate the tumor microenvironment, or induce immune cell-dependent cancer cell death. Whether your compounds target cells from the innate or adaptive immune system, we have in vitro assays to test their efficacy.
  • Explore our antigen presentation and immune system activation assays for measuring the immunogenicity of experimental proteins and peptides in vitro. Our assays are customized to target immune cells, including T and B cells, natural killer cells, macrophages, and dendritic cells, as well as tumor cells.
  • Gain insights into the complex interaction between the microbiome and cancer therapy, through our fecal collection and microbiome profiling (16S rRNA sequencing) to compare gut microbiomes across our syngeneic models, which we can correlate with response to therapy.
  • Discover a variety of immune cell mediated cancer cell killing strategies involving natural killer and effector T cells, including ADCC, CDC, T cell killing (LDH), and NK mediated cell killing (FACS based) assays.

In Vivo Models

We understand that the complexity of I/O requires niche preclinical models for the most effective and translatable results. With that, we’ve developed a variety of validated in vivo models, specifically designed to answer a wide range of research questions.


CDX Models

Make key decisions in a timely and cost-effective manner about the progression of your preclinical development program with cell line-derived xenograft (CDX) models.

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Syngeneic Models

Discover homografts derived from immortalized mouse cancer cell lines with fully competent immunity for assessing single agent and combination immunotherapies.

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Humanized Models

Harness the human immune system against human tumors with human hematopoietic stem cell (HSC) engraftment of patient-derived xenograft models.

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Explore a simple alternative to the full stem cell reconstitution approach that allows you to evaluate your immunotherapy within a human tumor microenvironment.

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We have expertise in applying these models and assays with range of immunotherapeutic's such as checkpoint inhibitors, vaccines, oncolytic viruses, microbiome modulators, cellular therapies (CAR-T), bi-specific T Cell engagers and various immune modulators.

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