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Cancer Model Databases

Quickly Find Preclinical Models to Fit Your Research Needs

Choosing the right preclinical models is vital for successful oncology drug discovery, avoiding failures and ensuring accurate predictions for human trials. By utilizing our free cancer model databases, researchers gain a significant advantage in their preclinical oncology studies with time and cost savings. Access to diverse and well-characterized tumor models, along with extensive profiling and pharmacologic data, empowers researchers like you to make confident and well-informed decisions during oncology drug discovery.

Centralized Cancer Model Repository

Access a diverse range of tumor models and data, all in one integrated platform, empowering your research endeavors.

chart Extensive Tumor Model Collection

Boasting over 2,500 Patient-Derived Xenograft (PDX) models — the world's largest. Our collection also includes 100+ immuno-oncology murine models, 600+ organoid models, 1,000+ cancer cell lines, and 200+ CDX models, ensuring a perfect fit for your research needs.

convenient-icon-14 Comprehensive Data at Your Fingertips

More than just models, our repository offers a wealth of data including genomics, proteomics profiling, growth characteristics, and treatment histories. Make informed choices with detailed insights.

document accessSeamless Model Exploration

Navigate effortlessly through our user-friendly interface. Find and select the most relevant preclinical models with ease, optimizing your research process.

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Our Complimentary Cancer Model Databases

  • HuBase™
    Clinically Relevant PDX Models

    Access 2,500+ global PDX models. Tailor your selections based on indication, drug responses, patient histories, and multiomics data for precision in your studies.

    Learn More

  • OrganoidBase™
    Exclusive Organoid Models

    Utilize 600+ specialized in vitro models using HUB protocols. Easily access vital PDXO data including histopathology, IC50, and genomics to ensure research accuracy.

    Learn More

  • MuBase®
    Diverse IO Murine Models

    Broaden possibilities with 100+ Syngeneic, GEMM, MuPrime™ Murine tumor homografts, Humanized HuGEMM™ models, and more to enhance immunology research outcomes.

    Learn More

  • XenoBase®
    Comprehensive Cell Line and CDX Resources

    Search from 1000+ cancer cell lines and 200+ CDX models. View and select models available for screening and faster in vitro to in vivo study translation.

    Learn More

  • OncoExpress™

    OncoExpress allows you to rapidly review, compare, and select oncology models, including PDX, cell line derived xenografts, and syngeneic models.

    Learn More


Impressed by the Large Collection and One-Stop Shop Experience

"I've never found a resource as vast as Crown Bioscience's databases. Truly a one-stop-shop. With their impressive PDX collection and unique organoids, our research pace has skyrocketed."

Pharma, Anonymous User, Anonymous Company

Tailored Solutions for Every Research Requirement

"The versatility of Crown Bioscience's databases is top-notch. Be it immuno-oncology models or XenoBase® details, we find just what we need, and the ease of navigation is commendable."

Pharma, Anonymous User, Anonymous Company

Harnessing the Power of Comprehensive Data for Informed Decisions

"Making informed decisions is crucial, and with Crown Bioscience offering all the essential data at our fingertips, our team feels more empowered than ever."

Biotech, Anonymous User, Anonymous Company

Efficient Drug Screening with PDX and PDXO Models

"The paired PDX and PDXO models from Crown Bioscience are game-changers. Our drug screening process has sped up, keeping us ahead in our discoveries."

Pharma, Anonymous User, Anonymous Company

Cost-Efficiency Through In-Depth Existing Data

"The data in these databases is a game-changer. Thanks to the exhaustive profiling and pharmacologic details, our model selection process has become swifter, saving us considerable resources."

Biotech, Anonymous User, Anonymous Company

Empowering AI Systems for Precision Medicine

"We delved into Crown Bioscience's databases for our AI's precision medicine training. The sheer breadth of data has taken our system to new heights."

Biotech, Anonymous User, Anonymous Company

Simplified Model Selection with User-Friendly Interface

"Using Crown Bioscience's databases is straightforward, even with their vast amount of data. Selecting the right models has never been this efficient."

Academic Researcher, Anonymous User, Anonymous Company