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Laboratory Services

Fast, reliable, accurate, and cost-effective lab services for data-driven decisions

Looking for a deeper understanding of drug mechanisms of action and meaningful translational biomarkers to improve patient stratification? Look no further than partnering with us. We offer fast, reliable, accurate, and cost-effective data that will help you make the best data-driven decisions.

With biomarker and bioanalysis laboratories across Asia, North America, and Europe, and a team of over 150 dedicated laboratory scientists, we can customize our services to meet your specific research and drug development needs. 





Cost Efficient

Our team provides flexible and comprehensive multi-omics methodologies, cutting-edge technologies, well-established and validated workflows, and ready-to-use markers. Additionally, our customer portal (currently for in vivo studies only), CrownLink™, enables you to track your data anywhere, anytime.  Paired with our bioinformatics services team, and their experience in handling multi-omics big data, we can ensure you maximize the value of your data.

Our laboratory services are available as stand-alone services or can be integrated into our preclinical and/or translational studies. Let our expertise help you achieve your research goals.