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Mouse Clinical Trials, HuTrial™

Identify Responders, Partial, and Non-Responders Before You Enter the Clinic with Mouse Clinical Trials

With over 95% of new drugs failing Phase II and Phase III clinical trials due to a lack of efficacy and biomarker discovery, new translational technologies are required to make the oncology drug development process more efficient, to lower developmental costs, and to reduce attrition rates.

HuTrial will Enhance Your Understanding of How Patients Benefit from Treatment

Crown Bioscience provides a preclinical Translational Oncology Technology Platform utilizing the largest collection of PDX models (HuPrime® and HuKemia®). Our well characterized and predictive models are ideal to use in a mouse clinical trials (HuTrial) setting to identify and understand which patients will benefit from treatment before entering the clinic.

Within a HuTrial, each PDX subject reflects the pathology of its original patient (behaving as a patient avatar), with the cohort of patient avatars representing a diversity of the human patient population. The main functional utilities of HuTrials include:

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