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Biomarker Discovery

At Crown Bioscience, we are focused on discovering and validating PD, surrogate, and predictive biomarkers that can differentiate between responders and non-responders in a patient population.

Biomarkers of Response: HuMark™

Understand the relationships between genes, protein expression, molecular interactions and activity that define the fundamental components of a predictive biomarkers.

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Biomarker Discovery and Companion Diagnostics

De-risk your therapeutic development through early identification of candidate biomarkers and clinical evaluation of companion diagnostics.

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Mouse Clinical Trials: HuTrial™

Identify responders, partial responders and non-responders with mouse clinical trials to help stratify patients before you enter the clinic.

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Signatures of Response: HuSignature™

Explore a proprietary genetic signature discovery and validation platform, allowing higher identification probability of response to your molecule.

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