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Standard Genomics Services

Automated workflows, reproducible results

Our conventional genomics services employ automated workflows and platforms because we understand that high-quality sample preparation is paramount. We also use fully automated workflows to allow us to generate reproducible results by providing PCR, qPCR and Sanger Sequencing based genomics assay, for both efficient and cost-effect genomics analyses.

Service Applications   Downstream Applications 
Sample Preparation
  • RNA and DNA extraction 
  • mRNA purification 
  • MicroRNA extraction

  • PCR/qPCR assays 
  • NGS assays— E.g., RNA-Seq, Ribo-RNA-Seq, WES, WGS 
  • Nanostring assays 
  • Other nucleic acid required downstream experiments 
Targeted Gene Expression Assay 
  • Validate gene expression levels in different models 
  • Validate gene expression levels before and after drug treatment 
  • Whole pathway assay 
Virus Copy Number Assay
  • Virus copy number assay and tissue bio distribution 
  • Oncolytic virus analysis 
Gene Fusion & Mutation Validation
  • Biomarker validation and prediction
qPCR-based SNP Genotyping
  • Biomarker validation and prediction

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