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  • Model Systems

Model Systems

With a comprehensive selection of models  we are committed to advancing your preclinical development programs in a timely and cost-effective manner. Our more recent and novel in vitro organoid service offerings, are unmatched, and allow you to take advantage of the most translatable 3D in vitro models on the market. 

In Vitro Model Services

In Vitro

Our in vitro services include over 500 validated and well-characterized cell lines for drug response screening and, as the only CRO service provider of HUB organoids

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Ex Vivo Services

Ex Vivo

Our ex vivo services feature a 3D platform for evaluating monotherapy and combination drug responses in patient tumors with endogenous immune cell populations intact. The platform includes the option to use in co-culture with autologous immune cells and is suitable for many cancer types.

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In Vivo Model Systems

In Vivo

Our suite of validated in vivo models includes the largest commercially available collection of PDX models and over 200 cell line-derived xenograft models

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