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OrganoidXplore™: The first large panel based Organoid screening service

What is OrganoidXplore?

Fast-track your oncology drug candidate development with OrganoidXplore, our advanced platform optimized for comprehensive organoid panel screening. This assay-ready service processes up to 50 models in as little as 6 weeks ensuring your research stays ahead of the curve with rapid, data-driven decision making.  At the heart of this premier service is an extensive repository of thoroughly characterized PDO and PDXO models including significant mutational profiles. The service has been designed to provide detailed measurements of drug responses in both tumor and normal organoids. Moreover, it facilitates exploration into new cancer indications backed by validated targets and advanced biomarker analysis.

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Why do you need OrganoidXplore?

Key Area

Noteworthy Benefits

Model Selection Diversity Leverage 50 well-characterized PDO and PDXO models with varied genetic backgrounds and mutations such as KRAS, BRAF, and EGFR, enriching your research diversity.
Multiple Panel Options Choose from Full Panel, KRAS Panel, Lung Panel, CRC Panel, or Flexible Panel (20+ model selection).
Data Reliability Depend on rigorously validated and quality-assured organoid models, SNP verified and mycoplasma tested. Underpinned with extensive characterization against standard of care agents.
7 Cancer Type Models Explore and test efficacy across a diverse range of cancer types, including lung, breast, ovarian, colorectal, pancreatic, cervical, melanoma.
Comprehensive Analysis Investigate off-target effects with 6 matched normal/disease pairs, enabling a thorough comparative analysis.
PDX Model Selection Transition effortlessly into in vivo studies with the majority of our models. Elect suitable Patient Derived Xenograft models to validate your efficacy studies and accurately stratify patient responses. 
Accelerated Progress
Fast-Track Your Screen: 50 models, results in 6 weeks. Benefit from a short 5-day incubation time, facilitating timely results and accelerating your research timelines. Employ a Semi-Automated Workflow, ensuring accuracy and reproducibility across runs with the help of top of the line liquid handlers.

In-Depth Customer Report

Receive an exhaustive Customer Report featuring 9-point dose-response curves, IC50s, study design, control performance, ensuring you have all the data needed to proceed confidently in your research. 

Flexible options to customize your project
  • Drug Combination Studies:
    Opt for enhanced therapeutic potential through optional drug combination studies, opening new avenues for impactful research findings.

  • RNA-seq & Protein Expression Analysis:
    Follow up with sample collection services to further delve into RNA-seq and protein expression analysis, expanding your research dimensions.

  • Dynamic Biomarker Analysis:
    Integrate advanced biomarker analysis for early patient stratification, streamlining the clinical development of novel oncology drugs.

Secure your spot before the March 22nd registration deadline for the April panel run.

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