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CrownLink Customer Portal

Meeting your study data needs – one study at a time.

CrownLink™ provides a collaborative approach to access your Crown Bioscience preclinical in vivo oncology, in vitro, and biomarker data in one central location. Let us help you establish a new process of implementation and deployment of your preclinical study data using CrownLink to achieve data efficiency, while delivering on study results.


Start your in vivo oncology, in vitro, and biomarker preclinical study with us

Everything you need in a customer portal. Designed to fit your needs with benefits of capturing and monitoring study data without the hassle.

Integrated Study Portal

Share important study data results and communicate with your staff securely at any time.

chart Simple Charting

See how simple and fast it can be to create study data notes.

convenient-icon-14 Convenient Access

Save time and work more efficiently with online access to study data. 

document accessDocument Management

Quickly enter data and develop a repository for all your study data and document needs.

image-png-Jul-07-2023-01-54-01-4415-PMISO 27001 Certified

Meet the highest standards for maintaining data confidentiality and secure sharing of information. 

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Experience the benefits of CrownLink

Save valuable time and money with CrownLink’s intuitive, streamlined workflows and refined reporting.

  • Achieve better workflows

    Leverage a centralized study platform that features access to study lists and timelines.

  • Increase productivity

    Enjoy easy onboarding for your staff and accomplish more, in less time.

  • Easily access reports

    Deliver meaningful benchmarks, make critical decisions and track your study's success.

Learn how CrownLink will work for you


Convenient access to your latest study data.

From online data visualization to on-demand downloads, CrownLink scores high marks in customer satisfaction. Register today to get started.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have data security certification?

Data security is always our priority. CrownLink is ISO27001 certified and GDPR compliant.

How much does CrownLink cost?

CrownLink is a complimentary study platform for Crown Bioscience customers and provides easy access to your in vivo oncology, in vitro, and biomarker study, at no additional cost.

When can I start using CrownLink?

CrownLink can be used for each study after registration is approved. You can initiate registration by filling out the form at https://www.crownbio.com/crownlink-registration or contacting your sales representative.

Will I be able to see data from past studies?

Past studies may not be compatible with CrownLink. The application focuses on delivering current and future studies, starting with the onboarding of your organization and team.

What happens if CrownLink is not working?

The option to email our team regarding your data, or with any questions, is always available.

How frequently is my study data updated?

Study data will be updated on CrownLink when a Study Director has reviewed and released the study data.

Is CrownLink available globally?

CrownLink is available in all locations to run ongoing studies with global partners.

How long will data be stored on CrownLink?

Five years of free data storage is provided with the option to extend.