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Cell Line Panels

Focus your in vitro research

Focused Panels of Target-Relevant Cell Lines

Choosing the correct cell lines to use for in vitro evaluation of your novel agents is fast and easy with our comprehensive services.

Working with Crown Bioscience, you gain instant access to XenoBase®, the world’s largest commercial database of well-characterized cell lines with standard of care and RNAseq data to facilitate your selection.

Whether you’re looking to perform single agent assays or more complex combination studies to determine synergistic or additive effects, we have the cell lines and experience to deliver.

Compound Screening on Cell Line Panels Identifies Potential Responder Populations

Validated, Well-Characterized, and Routinely Tested

Our quality cell lines are all STR verified and mycoplasma tested, routinely run for research projects with a variety of small and large molecules. Choose from one of our validated cell line panels:

  • OmniPanel™, a genomically diverse collection of more than 500 cancer cell lines for drug response screening

  • XenoSelect™, a diverse oncogenic in vitro screening panel of over 150 well-validated cell lines, with associated Cell Line Derived Xenograft models ready for in vivo efficacy studies

  • RNAseq Panel, more than 170 genomically characterized cell lines to correlate mutation status, copy number variation, and expression levels with drug response

  • PrimePanel™, a unique collection of cancer cell lines with each primary cell originating from one of our genetically defined HuPrime® Patient-Derived Xenograft (PDX) models

  • 3D ex vivo panel, a unique collection of freshly isolated and fresh frozen cells from our PDX models


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