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Pretreated PDX Models

Evaluate your next-generation therapeutics with clinically relevant models reflecting the patient population and cancer treatments of today.

Pretreated PDX Models Key Facts

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  • Over 300 pretreated PDX models covering 25 cancer types derived from patients with different drug treatments.

  • Treatments include immune checkpoint inhibitors, 3rd generation EGFRi, PARPi, KRASi, CDK4/6i, BTKi, and MEKi. 

  • 75+ pretreated PDX modeling advanced, metastatic disease with samples collected from various biopsy sites.

  • Models from serial (longitudinal) biopsies from patients receiving sequential treatments (including investigational drugs). 


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Advantages of our Pretreated PDX Models

Models that reflect Patient Populations and treatments currently in use today

Crown Bioscience’s pretreated PDX collection carries a wide selection of models coming from patients with different treatment histories, including those that are relevant to today’s therapies, including KRAS inhibitors and immune checkpoint inhibitors. Furthermore, we carry models reflecting disease states with the highest unmet need, including advanced metastatic cancer.

Quickly find pretreated PDX models for your research needs

Crown Bioscience provides you with the tools to quickly identify the most relevant pretreated models for your specific patient profiles and test your next-generation drug candidates with confidence. Use our curated and searchable online PDX database (HuBaseTM) to identify your pretreated model by indication, or other criteria.

Flexibility and more preclinical options to boost your study (upstream and downstream capabilities

Crown Bioscience offers relevant services like mouse clinical trial support for stratifying patients, matching patient-derived xenograft organoids (PDXO) for screening and immunooncology platforms for the evaluation of immunotherapeutics, as well as genomic, proteomic, bioinformatic, and biomarker discovery support.

Reduce your project timelines with faster study initiation times

Our scientific project managers work with you to quickly set up your study with our pretreated PDX models that are maintained and kept alive, making them ready for service to you - no tissue revival required.

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