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Our Responsibility

Building a Sustainable Future

While Crown Bioscience serves a social purpose at its core, we recognize that there is also a need to take broader responsibility for the impacts of our business activities. To this end, we have aligned with our parent company, JSR Life Sciences’, Sustainability program in our focus and approach to Sustainability.

Having explored the elements already in place, our business values and priorities, current trends and CSR topics that have high impact and great relevance for life sciences activities, we identified the following Sustainability priority topics:



Our People

Our Employees

• We encourage our people to support each other, to engage in constructive criticism, to challenge current practices, and in doing so, to become leaders within Crown Bioscience.
• We believe that helping our people develop as individuals strengthens our company as a whole.
• We understand our responsibility to our customers and our people extends to the societies and communities we all share.

Our Customers

•    We strive to understand, anticipate and meet our customers’ needs, and seek to exceed them whenever and wherever possible. 
•    We swiftly incorporate new and progressive ideas in order to achieve the best results. 
•    We respond to clients with a sense of urgency as we understand that ultimately the patient is waiting.