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CrownSynTM Service

Drug combination analysis made easy

Combination therapies can improve efficacy, overcome drug resistance, and decrease toxicity. They are an increasingly important treatment modality for several complex conditions including cancer, inflammatory, autoimmune, neurodegenerative, cardiovascular, and metabolic diseases.

To make it easier for researchers to evaluate and quantify two-drug combination effects (synergistic, antagonistic, and additive) for in vitro cell-based assays, Crown Bioscience has built a robust bioinformatics service, CrownSyn.

Flexible and Dynamic Functionality

The CrownSyn service analyzes data from two common types of drug combination experimental designs, making it easy for you to input data from existing combination studies or work with our experts to plan your next study:

  1. Fixed ratio design, in which the concentration ratio of two drugs is constant
  2. Matrix or checkerboard design, in which drug efficacy is measured for all concentration combinations of two drugs

Based on dose-response curves, the CrownSyn service automatically applies the appropriate model to calculate synergy.

Quantitative Data Visualization

The CrownSyn service enables you to readily visualize and understand the combination effects of your compounds. Depending on your study design, the CrownSyn service provides:

  • Dose-response curve graphs
  • Combination index graphs
  • Inhibition heat maps for concentration combinations
  • 2D contour maps
  • 3D response surface plots

This collection of data makes it easy for you to evaluate and quantify two-drug combination effects.

Robust and Reliable Data

The CrownSyn service has been extensively validated and utilized in hundreds of combination analysis studies. The service consistently produces data you can trust to be accurate and reliable, so you can make confident decisions regarding the progression of your combination therapies.

To optimize application of the CrownSyn service, use Crown Bioscience’s extensive in vitro cell screening portfolio to produce your input data.


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