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Preclinical Biomarker Discovery

Preclinical Biomarker Discovery

Preclinical biomarker discovery strategies help to identify potential therapeutic targets, assess the safety and effectiveness of new compounds, and inform the design of clinical trials. If introduced early in preclinical studies, they can play a key role in reducing the cost and time required for drug development. 

Biomarkers can also help to identify subgroups of patients who are likely to respond to a particular therapy, which can inform the design of clinical trials and improve their chance of success.

Rely on our extensive experience and leverage our comprehensive resources for your preclinical studies. Our offerings include:

  • Preclinical Models and Databases: Access our wide range of in vivo and in vitro models, supported by comprehensive databases for baseline and historical data, essential for evaluating new therapeutic compounds.
  • Multiomics Biomarker Analysis: Explore biomarkers using our advanced genomics, proteomics, and metabolomics capabilities.
  • Experimental Design and Bioinformatics: Utilize our integrated tools for robust experimental design and efficient data analysis, ensuring precise and insightful research outcomes.


Biomarker discovery via in vitro screening


In vitro screening is time and cost-efficient, and can provide useful information on drug target(s) and targeted pathways. Utilize it to:

•    Explore/validate your drug mechanism of action (MoA)
•    Identify genetic features associated with drug response on a set of cell lines/organoids
•    Develop single or composite biomarkers
•    Provide advice and guidance on future in vivo model selection

Fig. Example workflow of cell-based compound screening

Our in vitro model systems and screening services

Discover our cell line and organoid collections

Our expert team have extensive experience of partnering with clients to support the in vitro pharmacology characterization of lead compounds and are committed to saving you precious time and resources by providing efficient screening platforms and validated 2D and 3D models, giving you confidence in your data.

Learn More About Our In Vitro Models

OmniScreen™ Cell Based Screening Service

Biomarker discovery streamlined with OmniScreen

  • Well-validated, large-scale cell panel screening platform
  • Focused screening panels 
  • By cancer type
  • Mutation of interest
  • Availability of matched in vivo models
  • Quarterly enrollment
  • Cost effective: Positive drug control and cell line revival costs are included

Learn more about OminiScreen

OrganoidXplore™: The first large panel based Organoid screening service

Streamline oncology drug development with OrganoidXplore, offering rapid and detailed organoid screening to enhance research efficiency.

  • Efficient Screening: Up to 50 models in 6 weeks with a fast 5-day incubation.
  • Extensive Model Repository: Access to detailed PDO and PDXO mutational profiles for accurate drug response analysis.
  • Precision Service: Targets both tumor and normal organoids, supporting new cancer research with advanced biomarker analysis.
  • Automated Workflow: Guarantees reproducibility and accuracy.
  • In-depth Reporting: Includes comprehensive reports with critical study metrics.
  • Flexible Customization: Allows for drug combination studies, RNA-seq, protein analysis, and biomarker integration for broader research scope.

Learn More about OrgnoidXplore

Biomarker discovery via in vivo screening


In vivo screening using mouse models can mimic phase II clinical trials to provide accurate measurement of drug efficacy and is powerful for biomarker discovery due to its unique study designs. Utilize it to:

  • Explore/validate drug MoA
  • Identify genetic features associated with drug response on a set of PDX models
  • Develop single-gene or composite biomarkers
  • Provide advice and guidance on future clinical trials

Our in vivo model systems and screening services

Discover our animal model collection

World’s largest commercial collection of  Patient-derived xenografts (PDX) models, cell line-derived xenografts (CDX), syngeneic models, humanized models, immunocompetent chimeric mouse models, tumor homografts, and more.

Learn More about our animal models

In vivo screening via mouse clinical trial

Preclinical population studies that help stratify patients for clinical trials

Learn More about Mouse Clinical Trial

In Vivo Screens for Evaluating Immunotherapies: MuScreen™

  • Cost-effective and time-efficient screen to fast-track in vivo preclinical immunotherapy development
  • Screen compounds across well-validated panels of syngeneic and tumor homograft models
  • Benefit from Crown Bioscience covering the cost of the vehicle group for all models 

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Leverage Our Multiomics Biomarker Analysis Platform

Comprehensive multiomics biomarker analysis allows researchers to gain a more complete understanding of the molecular changes that underlie a particular disease or during the response to certain treatment. 

At Crown Bioscience, we continually invest in cutting-edge technologies, and validate and develop new assays, to provide our customers with a comprehensive range of multi-omics laboratory services. 

Rely on our flexible methodologies, extensive experience, well-established and validated workflows, highly specialized bioinformatics teams, wide collection of historical data, high-quality, and fast turnaround, to empower your preclinical drug development. 

Discover more about our comprehensive multiomics biomarker analysis platform: 

Learn More about Our Lab Services

Bioinformatics Data Analysis for Biomarker Discovery

Trust our extensive experience and powerful bioinformatics capabilities to maximize the value of your preclinical data, and de-risk your drug development through early identification of candidate biomarkers. Use our biomarker discovery services to advance your preclinical and clinical therapeutic candidates with:

  • In-depth biological insight into mechanisms of action and pharmacodynamics
  • Enhanced trial design and patient stratification through data-informed trial decisions
  • Improved clinical trial success using predictive or prognostic biomarkers


Biomarkers of Response: HuMark™

Understand the relationships between genes, protein expression, molecular interactions and activity that define the fundamental components of a predictive biomarkers.

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Biomarker Discovery and Companion Diagnostics

De-risk your therapeutic development through early identification of candidate biomarkers and clinical evaluation of companion diagnostics.

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Mouse Clinical Trials: HuTrial™

Identify responders, partial responders and non-responders with mouse clinical trials to help stratify patients before you enter the clinic.

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Signatures of Response: HuSignature™

Explore a proprietary genetic signature discovery and validation platform, allowing higher identification probability of response to your molecule.

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Utilize Our Complimentary Tumor Model Databases To Quickly Find Models to Fit Your Research Needs

Discover more about our searchable databases with wide coverage of preclinical tumor models:

Comprehensive data available in the databases

Get Free Access to the Cancer Model Databases

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