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Organoids for Oncology Drug Development

Preclinical oncology drug development and validation services using tumor organoids and the HUB tumor organoid biobank.

Progress Oncology Drug Development with Organoids Developed using HUB Protocols

Make use of the great translatability of our 3D organoid models which show unprecedented patient response predictivity. Benefit from faster development and enhanced scalability of organoids. Model and mirror patient population diversity via screening multiple tumor organoid models simultaneously, and access both tumor and healthy organoids to evaluate in vitro data with clinically relevant drug potency and efficacy as well as off target effects.


  •  Proprietary culture methods: Highly refined culture methods developed using Clevers Lab HUB’s protocols via exclusive partnerships, providing proprietary services
  • Varied indications: Multiple organoids available for over 20 organ and tissue types
  • Amenable to genetic perturbation via gene editing techniques such as RNA interference or CRISPR/Cas to identify and validate biological targets and discover mechanistic biomarkers
  • Maximizing the efficiency of the organoid platform with powerful imaging technology to penetrate the 3D structure and visualize the dynamic interplay of cells and their response to drug candidates.
  • Matched models: Paired in vitro PDXO and in vivo PDX models provide improved predictivity and a more rapid and informed study transition
  • Clinically relevant models: Harnessing ASCs either directly from patients (PDOs) or from xenograft tissue (PDXOs) to recapitulate the complex architecture of in vivo tissue. Unlimited expansion for large-scale screens
  • Living biobanks: Organoid database which includes light microscopy, genomic, transcriptomic, and pharmacology data
  • Integrated radiotherapy capabilities: Drug-Radiation combination testing using organoids



  • Organoid Applications

  • Drug discovery and development: Test candidate efficacy, safety, side effects, and pharmacokinetic properties as well as mechanism of action
  • Safety and toxicity studies: Evaluate safety and toxicity profiles using healthy organoids, developed from non-transformed cells
  • Personalized medicine: Leverage HUB OrganoidsTM as patient epitomes to design targeted and personalized therapies and stratify your patient population
  • Disease modeling: Capture disease relevance and patient population heterogeneity
  • Bridging in vitro and in vivo: Identify your target patient population before entering the clinical trails
  • Predictive biomarker identification: Determine potential biomarkers of therapeutic response with companion diagnostics

Study Options

Preclinical oncology drug development and validation services using unique organoid models developed using IP-protected Hubrecht Organoid Technology (HUB) protocols, as well as HUB’s biobank of already established patient-derived organoids (PDOs)

60005 - CROWN BIO - Tumor Organoid Study - Infographic - V5 - LIGHT

  • Large-scale screens and drug radiation: Select models, and evaluate efficacy and multi-drug combination strategies

  • Efficacy and viability quantification: Identify responder and non-responder tumor models. Leverage high content services to produce highly comprehensive morphology readouts in both 2D and 3D models. Use multifactorial data for downstream lead ID and decision-making

  • HCI-based phenotype screening: Phenotypical screen up to thousands of compounds. Layer and score drug effects with image mediated screens

  • Immunotherapy assessment: Benefit from the only immuno- oncology platform incorporating patient-relevant 3D in vitro models co-cultured with non-autologous immune cells

  • OrganoidXplore: The first large-scale, panel based organoid screening service



Simplify your model selection with collated mutational and gene expression profiles for tumor organoid models with this searchable organoid biobank database of PDX-derived organoid (PDXO) tumor models and patient-derived organoids (PDO) organoid models

60005 - CROWN BIO - PDO - Infographic - CMYK - LIGHT BG - FINAL AW

High Content Services


Get deeper insights with a suite of powerful 3D in vitro imaging-based assays that recapitulate and quantify complex human biology in a robust and high-throughput imaging platform. Follow up with assisted high content analysis study options.




Expand into immunotherapeutic assessment using the only immuno-oncology platform incorporating patient-relevant 3D in vitro models co-cultured with non-autologous immune cells

60005 - Hub Organoid - Immune Cell Co Culture - RGB - Digital -LIGHT BG - FINAL AW


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