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Organoids for Oncology Drug Development

Preclinical oncology drug development and validation services using tumor organoids and the HUB tumor organoid biobank

Progress Oncology Drug Development with Organoids Developed using HUB Protocols

Incorporate the most translatable 3D in vitro models available into your oncology drug development programs. We exclusively provide preclinical oncology drug development and validation services using unique organoid models developed using IP-protected Hubrecht Organoid Technology (HUB) protocols, as well as HUB’s biobank of already established patient-derived organoids (PDO).

Our organoid services include:

  • Large-scale screens to evaluate efficacy, select models, and evaluate combination strategies
  • Immunotherapy assessment using the only immuno-oncology platform incorporating patient-relevant 3D in vitro models co-cultured with non-autologous immune cells

Key HUB Organoid Benefits

  • Improve the translatability of your 3D in vitro data with clinically relevant organoid models, which show unprecedented patient response predictivity
  • Benefit from faster development and enhanced scalability of organoids compared to in vivo translational oncology platforms
  • Model and mirror patient population diversity, via screening multiple tumor organoid models simultaneously
  • Access both tumor and healthy organoids to evaluate in vitro drug potency and efficacy as well as off target effects

Translational 3D In Vitro Models for Drug Development Studies

Choose from a rapidly expanding collection of patient-derived HUB organoids covering breast, colorectal, and pancreatic cancer from HUB’s established biobank.

HUB’s adult stem cell-derived organoids are developed from patient tumor as well as healthy tissue, using highly refined, proprietary culture methods originally developed in the Clevers Lab. Organoids developed using HUB’s protocols faithfully recapitulate original patient tissue histo- and molecular pathology and show high predictivity of patient response for your drug development studies.

Expand Tumor Indication Choice with PDX-Derived Organoids

Gain access to an expanded repertoire of cancer indications, mutational, and pharmacological profiles through PDX-derived organoids (PDXO), developed using HUB protocols.

Organoids for Oncology Drug Development

Robust and reproducible PDXO models are generated from our extensive collection of well-characterized PDX. Matched in vitro PDXO and in vivo PDX model pairs provide a unique preclinical workflow with improved predictivity and a more rapid and informed study transition to accelerate your drug discovery programs.

Access Organoid Models Through Our Dedicated Database

Our ever expanding collection of organoids are accessed, searched, and selected through our newly launched organoid database OrganoidBase collating light microscopy, genomic, transcriptomic, and pharmacology data.

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