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Humanized Models

Evaluate human-specific immunotherapeutics with HSC and PBMC humanized models

Harness the Human Immune System Against Human Tumors with HSC-PDX

What is HSC-PDX?

Our humanized patient-derived xenograft (PDX) platform (HSC-PDX) combines the predictive power of HuPrime® PDX models with human hematopoietic stem cell (HSC) engraftment. HSC-PDX models provide the most human disease relevant in vivo platform for your human-specific immunotherapy evaluation.

Our HSC-PDX platform provides:

  • Human-specific immunotherapy efficacy testing
  • Single immunotherapy and combination strategy assessment
  • Novel target validation and evaluation
  • Translational population studies to better understand responder and non-responder profiles.

Key Benefits:

  • Choose from highly relevant models for each of your immunotherapy assessments, driven by our unparalleled expertise in PDX model establishment and pharmacology studies
  • Explore the contribution of both T cell and non-T cell lineages to your agent antitumor effect through stable human immune lineage reconstitution in NSG™ mice, including a myeloid compartment in NSG-SGM3 mice
  • Leverage our study design expertise and mouse clinical trial experience to mimic the heterogeneity of clinical immune phenotypes in a preclinical setting, providing confidence in your study results

Looking For a T Cell Targeted Approach? Discover our PBMC Humanized Models

Human peripheral blood mononucleated cell (PBMC)-humanized mouse models provide a simple alternative to full stem cell reconstitution. Our MiXeno™ models are developed by combining human immune cells and conventional, cell line derived xenografts, with the resulting models showing reconstitution of T, B, and NK cell populations.

PBMC-humanized models provide a more rapid and cost-effective approach compared to full immune cell reconstitution. MiXeno models are used to evaluate a range of immuno-oncology applications including BiTE®-like antibodies, checkpoint inhibitors, antibody-dependent cellular cytotoxicity (ADCC) effects, and NK modulating agents.

Models are currently available for a range of cancer types including breast, colorectal, and lung cancer, as well as lymphoma, and melanoma.

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