OmniScreen™ Cell Based Screening Service

Well-validated in vitro screening program for rapid and cost-effective screening of over 500 cell lines

Progress your Lead Compound to Validated Candidate with our Expanded OmniScreen

Use cost-effective, rapid, and large-scale cancer cell line screening to advance your lead compound to validated candidate. OmniScreen provides key information on the cytotoxicity and chemotherapeutic potential of your agent early in the drug development process.

Registration Deadline Study Initiation
January 25, 2022 February 8, 2022
May 10, 2022 May 25, 2022
   September 28, 2022    October 10, 2022
   January 18, 2023    January 30, 2023
   April 28, 2023    May 11, 2023

Well-Validated, Cost-Effective Screening

Take advantage of our quarterly revival of over 500 cancer cell lines, providing you significant cost savings.

Highlights of OmniScreen:

  • High throughput screening of at least 50 cell lines per run to maximize your savings
  • Positive drug control and cell line revival costs are included as part of OmniScreen
  • Unique subpanels built from Crown Bioscience’s proprietary menu of 500+ cancer cell lines
  • Enhanced cell line growth data for improved screening quality including:
    • Validated seeding densities across multiple time points
  • Choose the models that best fit your needs with XenoBase® our curated, online database of cancer cell lines
  • Select from quality cells STR verified and mycoplasma-proofed
  • Customize your study with flexible template designs
  • Quality control your data against standard of care agents
  • Obtain bioinformatics support throughout the study
  • Review your data in real time using a secure online client account

concept of a well validated, large-scale, in vitro, cancer cell line panel screening platform


OmniScreen: Crown Bioscience’s Large-Scale Cell Line Screening Panel Platform

Focused Screening Panels

Our OmniScreen cancer cell line panels include:

  • OmniPanel™, a genomically diverse and growing collection of more than 500 cancer cell lines for drug response screening

  • XenoSelect™, a diverse oncogenic in vitro screening panel of more than 150 well validated cell lines with corresponding xenograft models ready for in vivo efficacy studies

  • RNAseq Panel, more than 170 in-house genomically characterized cell lines to correlate mutation status, copy number variation, and expression levels with drug response.

  • PrimePanel™, over 35 unique human disease-relevant cell lines derived from our patient-derived xenograft (PDX) models.

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