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Mouse I/O RNA-Seq Panel

NGS-based murine targeted panel for I/O and TME studies

Comprehensively Profile Genes Associated with Tumor Immunity with our Mouse I/O RNA-Seq Panel

Gain rapid and in-depth genomic insight into the immune cell populations and I/O pathways and processes of your murine immunity pharmacology study samples. Measure 1080 transcripts from a single sample to thoroughly understand all of the genes linked with tumor immunity in your studies.

Use our Mouse I/O RNA-Seq Panel to:

  • Comprehensively profile the immunogenomics of murine tumor-immune interactions
  • Detect low expressing genes associated with tumor immunity
  • Accurately measure gene expression changes within comparisons
  • Utilize genes unique to our panel for highly accurate detection of key immune cell signatures

Download the Mouse I/O RNA-Seq Panel Gene List


Mouse I/O RNA-Seq Panel


Streamline Your In Vivo Study Sample Analysis Workflow

Combine your sample analysis with our experience and expertise in murine immuno-oncology studies. Existing syngeneic, MuPrime™ tumor homograft, and HuGEMM™/HuCell™ study samples can be analyzed with the Mouse I/O RNA-Seq Panel, as well as in-house or externally generated murine samples. Additionally, you can incorporate the panel into one of our unique high throughput in vivo screens, MuScreen™, to further evaluate your immunotherapy and to maximise the data generated from this study. We provide a 3-week turnaround from sample receipt to analysis report, allowing rapid decision making.

Streamline Your In Vivo Study Workflow Sample Analysis

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