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DMPK Services

Optimizing Strategies with Bioanalytical DMPK Services for Small and Large Molecules

Rapidly evaluate the pharmaceutical and safety properties of your new agents with our in vivo pharmacokinetic (PK) services. Use our pharmacological and bioanalytical DMPK platform to select the most robust drug formulations, and optimize drug discovery and preclinical development strategies.

Our non-GLP DMPK services are available as an integrated drug discovery platform or a standalone service, and include cutting-edge LC-MS/MS and HPLC technologies alongside ELISA-based and MSD assays.

Available DMPK Services

In vivo PK of small and large molecules
  • Samples from various species (mouse, rat, rabbit, dog, NHP, pig, human)
  • Various administration routes (i.v., p.o., i.p., s.c., i.m.)
  • In vivo PK study design
  • Single, multiple, and cassette dosing PK
  • In vivo crossover studies for bioavalibility (F)
  • Histology and pathology expertise and sample preparation
  • Serial blood collection over 24 hours
  • PK tissue distribution and mass balance
  • Excretion assays
  • Maximum tolerated dose (MTD)
  • Method development and validation
  • Quantitation analysis (parent compound, metabolites)
  • Dosing solution analysis
  • Various biological sample analysis (blood, plasma, bile, urine, feces, tumor tissue, etc.)

High Quality PK Data from Your In Vivo Experts

Inform your drug development by leveraging our unparalleled in vivo expertise and models, with a range of animal species and tissue types amenable to all in vivo PK needs. High quality data is assured for every study through extensive quality assurance systems.

CrownBio DMPK platform range of animal species and tissue types


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