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Database Registration: XenoBase®

Explore a Large Selection of Cell Lines for In Vitro and In Vivo Applications


XenoBase is Crown Bioscience's unique online database for cell line and xenograft models, enabling you to search and browse well curated and detailed profiles for more than 1000 cancer cell lines and 200 validated in vivo cell line derived xenograft models.

Search Across Standard And Specialty Models

Browse the collection to:

    • Search in vitro cell viability data and dose response curves for over 700 cancer cell lines
    • Explore cell line derived xenograft in vivo model including:
      • Cancer type and subtype
      • Category
      • Histopathology
      • Pathology and immunohistochemistry images
      • Growth curves and body weight changes
      • Standard of care (SoC) data
    • Search cell lines by gene expression, copy number, mutations or gene fusions
      • Using public profiling data of over 100 cell lines
      • Or stratify to just the Crown Bioscience collection, or XenoSelectTM cell lines with corresponding xenograft models
    • Compare and contrast models for better model selection
    • Export data in both graphical and tabular format to analyze

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