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Database Registration: OncoExpress

Get Better Decision Making Data


Register to access our online search engine to instantly browse our global suite of oncology models.

OncoExpress allows you to rapidly review, compare, and select oncology models, including PDX, cell line derived xenografts, and syngeneic models.

Rapidly Review, Compare, and Select Models from Our Diverse Oncology Portfolio

OncoExpress draws data from all our collated online databases, including:

  • ~1,700 models from our ever increasing HuPrime® collection of 2,500 well-characterized patient-derived xenografts (PDX)
  • Over 300 cell line derived xenograft models
  • Immuno-oncology models including our growing collection of syngeneic, GEMM, HuGEMM™, and MuPrime™ models
  • Over 8,000 tissue samples

OncoExpress allows keyword searching by cancer type, gene name, or direct searches via standard of care treatment data. Searches can be made across all model types, or specific platforms.

You can also use OncoExpress to manage your portfolio of model interests.

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