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White Paper: Unveiling the Future of Oncology: Functional Screening with Patient-Derived Organoids and High-Content Imaging

Transforming Drug Discovery and Development through Innovative 3D In Vitro Models

Functional Screening with Patient-Derived Organoids and High-Content Imaging

Explore the cutting-edge world of oncology research with our comprehensive white paper on "Functional Screening of Patient-Derived Organoids Using High-Content Imaging." Delve into the remarkable potential of 3D in vitro tumor organoid models, derived directly from patients, and discover how they are revolutionizing drug discovery and development. When paired with advanced high-content imaging (HCI) techniques, these organoid models offer unprecedented insight into the intricacies of tumor behavior and response to treatment. Unearth the details through extensive case studies, illustrating the practical applications and transformative impacts of this innovative platform on the future of personalized medicine.

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  • Biobanking and Patient Heterogeneity: Discover how organoid biobanks are pivotal in modeling the genetic, histopathological, and immunological diversity of patient populations, bringing clinical trial scenarios into the laboratory setting.

  • Advanced Functional Screening with HCI: Understand the unparalleled capabilities of combining 3D organoids with HCI and High-Content Analysis (HCA) for detailed cellular analysis, drug response profiling, and the evaluation of therapeutic strategies.

  • Case Studies - From Theory to Practice: Gain insights from real-world applications, including the functional screening of bispecific antibodies for colorectal cancer and the use of immuno-oncology assays, showcasing the tangible benefits of this innovative platform.

  • A Call for Change in Oncology Research: Acknowledge the urgent need for more clinically relevant models in early drug discovery stages to enhance the success rate of oncology drug candidates, and how the integration of 3D organoids and HCI addresses this critical challenge.

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