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New White Paper: New Advancements in Preclinical Prostate Cancer PDX Models

Enhance Prostate Cancer Drug Development with More Translational Preclinical Models including CRPC

New Advancements in Preclinical Prostate Cancer PDX ModelsProstate cancer is a complex and multistage disease, which presents many challenges to preclinical drug developers. This includes a limited number of models available for new agent evaluation, which do not capture all of the genetic alterations, disease progression/stages, as well as resistance mechanisms seen in human disease.

Patient-derived xenograft (PDX) models provide a more predictive alternative to conventional xenografts, and capture more of the clinical population heterogeneity. Prostate cancer PDX, however, have proven difficult to develop due to generation and propagation issues.

This White Paper details the development and characterization of a new panel of prostate cancer PDX for translational drug development. The panel includes models which are hormone responsive as well as castrate resistant to allow evaluation of multiple disease stages.

Download This White Paper to Understand:

  • The current main challenges faced by prostate cancer drug developers

  • How a panel of prostate cancer PDX have been developed and validated, including IHC, RNAseq, and standard of care chemotherapy and targeted agent treatment data

  • How this panel of prostate cancer PDX are being leveraged to improve preclinical drug discovery including for castrate-resistant prostate cancer

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