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New White Paper: 3 Strategies for Applying Humanized Models

Improve Your Immuno-Oncology Studies with Enhanced Humanized Mouse Model Knowledge

White Paper: 3 Strategies for Applying Humanized Models

Immunotherapeutics have proven to be a game changer in oncology – bringing tremendous patient benefits alongside commercial success for drug developers. However, many questions still need to be answered before immuno-oncology agent use can truly be optimized, with most pressing concerns including how to predict exactly which patients and which indications will respond to any given treatment.

To help answer these questions, suitable preclinical platforms are required, including those which combine human tumors with functional human immune systems for assessing human-specific agents and combination regimens. Before these platforms can be used to answer underlying immuno-oncology questions, they need to be fully understood and optimized themselves.

Given the complexity of human tumor bearing humanized mice, the key to study success using these models is through combining an in depth knowledge of each model immunological features and limitations with an appropriate study design based on the specific questions being addressed. Bringing each of these factors together results in highly human-relevant models for progressing immuno-oncology agents.

Download This White Paper to Understand:

  • The main features and drawbacks of HSC hCD34+ and hPBMC humanized mouse models, which derive from the differing cell populations used to create the models
  • How the type of humanized mouse model and tumor (cell line derived or patient derived xenograft) used depends on the study question being asked, as well as model features e.g. short term efficacy studies vs long term memory response assessment
  • How optimized humanized mouse models can be successfully applied to a range of immuno-oncology studies, exemplified through three complementary case studies

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