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White Paper: Advantages in 3D In Vitro Modeling with HUB Organoids

Review Organoid Development, and Main HUB Organoid Features and Benefits

White Paper: HUB Organoid Technology: Advantages in 3D In Vitro Modeling

Organoids, or “mini organs” in a dish, have recently been developed after many decades of attempting long-term stem cell culture. The isolation and growth of Lgr5+ stem cells in vitro by the Clevers lab, alongside the refinement of culture conditions by Hubrecht Organoid Technology (HUB), resulted in a robust technology stably and reproducibly generating organoids from human and murine tissues.

This White Paper explores modern organoids, which recapitulate organogenesis in vitro and are used to investigate stem cell driven disease. HUB Organoid development is also discussed, alongside the key features of these 3D in vitro models leading to their widespread use today.

Download This White Paper to Understand:

  • How HUB Organoids provide the only in vitro model faithfully recapitulating the multi-lineage identity of their originating organ, as well as preserving stem cell genomic and phenotypic stability and their capacity for long-term expansion

  • The advantages of HUB Organoids versus other PSC and tissue fragment-derived organoids

  • The utility of HUB Organoids in studying human development and disease, as well as for use as drug development tools

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