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On Demand Webinar

A Novel Approach to Overcoming Limitations of T Cell Immunotherapies

During this webinar Dr. Maloy Ghosh, Chief Scientific Officer, Zumutor Biologics Inc., discusses Zumutor Biologics' research on the development of a new pathway that combines NK and T cells to enhance tumor cell killing.

Multiple molecular mechanisms regulating the anti-tumor activity of NK cells have been reported in the last decades. NK cell immunotherapies may provide an alternative, complementary approach, to overcome limitations of T cell immunotherapies through activation of the innate immune system. Combination with NK cell immunotherapy could increase the response rate of treatments targeting T cells.

This new approach is being evaluated for a number of cancers including; NSCLC, TNBC, HNSCC, prostate cancer, CRC, PDAC, biliary tract cancer, high grade serious ovarian cancer, DLBCL, and urothelial cancer. Dr. Ghosh provides a summary of the company’s research including an overview of the Zumutor platform, key preclinical data, development timeline, and future pipeline.

Following Dr. Ghosh’s presentation, Nataliia Beztsinna, PhD, Head of Ex Vivo Patient Tissue Platform, Crown Bioscience, presents a short overview of the ex vivo platform used in this research, followed by a Q&A session.

Watch This Educational Webinar to Learn More About:

  • Limitations of T cell immunotherapies
  • How a novel compound overcomes many of these limitations
  • Research methods and results to study novel compound
  • In Vivo HuNOG study design, to understand how tumor microenvironment changes after treatment
  • A 3D high content imaging-based screening assay for evaluating monotherapy and combination drug responses in patient tumors with endogenous immune cell populations intact

About The Presenters:

Maloy Ghosh, PhD, Chief Scientific Officer, Zumutor Biologics, Inc.

Dr. Maloy Ghosh leads all scientific initiatives at Zumutor. His work includes design and development of the human monoclonal antibody libraries and screening technologies - the INABLR® platform. Zumutor’s novel mAb pipeline (I/O products) is developed from INABLR. He is leading Zumutor’s first I/O product which has received IND approval recently and will start recruiting solid tumor patients in US soon. Dr. Ghosh has over 20 years’ experience in research and industry. His areas of expertise include cancer biology, stem cell and biomarker development.

He holds a post-doctoral from Wright State University, USA and from Terry Fox Laboratory, BC Cancer agency, Canada; PhD from Bose Institute, Kolkata.

Nataliia Beztsinna, PhD, Head of Ex Vivo Patient Tissue Platform, Crown Bioscience

Dr. Nataliia Beztsinna has a MS degree in Biochemistry and PhD in Biology-Chemistry interface. She is experienced in confocal microscopy, high content imaging, 3D cell culture, organoids, molecular imaging, primary patient tissue cultures, in vitro and in vivo cancer models and tumor- targeted drug delivery nanosystems. Currently Nataliia is working as a Head of 3D Ex Vivo Patient Tissue (EVPT) Platform. Her responsibilities include managing a small team of highly-skilled scientists, ensuring high quality execution of customer projects, interactions, technical advising and quote design for potential customers as well as research and development activities dedicated to the growth of the EVPT Platform.

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