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On Demand Webinar: A BiTE-Sized Discussion on Next-Generation Preclinical Models

The Models Advancing Bispecific T Cell Engager Development

Presenter: Dr. Ludovic Bourre, Crown Bioscience


Bispecific T cell engagers (BiTE®) are a robust class of immuno-oncology (I/O) therapy which are engineered proteins that redirect T cells to destroy targeted tumor cells. BiTEs are being studied in patients with high and low tumor burden, rapidly progressing disease and across different treatment lines. Despite progress in this field, a significant proportion of patients are still refractory or suffer relapse and therefore strategies are needed to extend durable responses to a wider patient population.

In this webinar, Dr. Ludovic Bourre discusses the translational challenges in BiTE development and explores how next-generation preclinical models can be used to provide critical insights in early-stage BiTE development.

Watch this Webinar to Learn:

  • Where preclinical models fit in the refinement of BiTE strategies
  • The pros and cons of various preclinical models for BiTE assessment, including humanized target mice (HuGEMM™), syngeneic cells expressing human TAA (HuCELL™) and organoids
  • How to use CD3 humanized target models for in vitro and in vivo BiTE proof of concept and efficacy studies
  • How to evaluate anti-CD3 antibodies which are designed based on various conformational structures or linear epitopes with CD3EDG humanized target models

Who Should Watch:

  • Decision makers from biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies who want to optimize their early stage BiTE programs
  • Preclinical pharmacology researchers interested in novel in vitro and in vivo solutions for BiTE evaluation

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About The Presenter:

Dr. Ludovic BourreDr. Ludovic Bourre, Director of Scientific Engagement at Crown Bioscience brings over 13 years of research experience in the fields of oncology and immuno-oncology, from both academia and commercial organizations. Previously, Ludovic worked at Invectys as head of the pharmacology department, with his experience covering cancer vaccines and antibody immunotherapy from preclinical to early clinical phases.

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