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Matched Model Pairs and Patient-Derived Xenografts and Organoids Biobanks

We are excited to invite you to listen to an exclusive Teach me in 10 style interview with one of the authors of our experimental publication on cancer pharmacology. In this pre-recorded video, the author will be discussing the top questions about her work and the latest developments in this field.

Our publication focuses on a living biobank of matched pairs of patient-derived xenografts and organoids for cancer pharmacology. This biobank has the potential to become a powerful tool for future cancer drug discovery.

This webinar will be an exciting opportunity for you to learn about:

  • The applications of PDXO biobank for HTS "matrix" screening for both lead compounds and indications

  • How PDXOs can be used for immune cell co-cultures for immune-therapies

  • The potential for PDXOs to be used for in vitro/in vivo imaging

  • The benefits of using a large biobank of >550 matched pairs of PDXs/PDXOs across different cancers for future cancer drug discovery

  • How PDXOs can potentially overcome the limitations of traditional PDX models in drug development and research.

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