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High-Throughput and High-Content Screening in Organoids and 3D Models

Welcome to this exciting episode of Teach Me In 10 where we interview Michiel Fokkelman, the head of high throughput screening at Crown Bioscience. Michiel is a seasoned expert in the field of high content imaging, and he will share his wealth of knowledge and insights on this critical area of research. In this episode, you will learn all about the latest developments in high content imaging and how it is revolutionizing drug discovery and pre-clinical drug development.

Join us as we sit down with Michiel Fokkelman to:

  • Gain a deeper understanding of the concept and definitions of high content imaging

  • Discover the power of 3D-cultured organoids in drug discovery and pre-clinical drug development using high content approaches

  • Learn about the rich and extensive morphological readouts that provide critical phenotypic data on cellular response(s) to a compound or potential drug

  • Explore the role of lab automation in enabling high throughput and high content-based phenotypic screening

  • Find out how you can benefit from these cutting-edge technologies in your own research or development process.

    This episode is a must-listen for anyone working in the field of drug discovery, pre-clinical drug development, or anyone interested in learning more about high content imaging and its role in modern research."

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About The Speaker:

Michiel Fokkelman, Head of High Throughput Screening, Crown Bioscience

Dr. Fokkelman completed his PhD in tumor cell biology at Leiden University, in which he applied lab automation and high content imaging for multiple screening projects. He then joined Charles River Laboratories where he worked as a scientist in Early Discovery. His research focused on drug discovery in a broad range of therapeutic areas and assay modalities, applying different detection technologies for high-throughput screening (HTS) and profiling projects in both small molecule and large molecule domain. In 2021, he joined Crown Bioscience Netherlands as Head of High-Throughput Screening to establish a team and expand the screening capacity and capabilities.

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