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Unlock the keys to Immuno-Oncology drug potential through patient-relevant complex TME

Introducing a Unique 3D Ex Vivo Patient Tissue Platform

Despite advances in both 3D in vitro human cell-based models and in vivo animal models, 97% of oncology drugs that enter clinical trials fail to receive regulatory approval. Clinical failure is often due to lack of relevant pre-clinical assays.

To overcome this poor success rate, a unique 3D ex vivo patient tissue platform has been developed to aid drug developers in making better informed decisions. This platform is designed to provide a patient-relevant translational system that better mimics the heterogeneity and molecular/genetic complexity of human tumors.

The need for better information is especially important in immuno-oncology due to the complexity of the human immune system, tumor environment, and the move to develop combination therapies.

Our 3D Ex vivo Patient Tissue Platform was developed to provide critical information to understand the potential success of the study compounds and therapeutics. The platform is suitable for multiple cancer types including;

  • Ovarian
  • Prostate
  • Metastatic CRC and more
  • Bladder
  • Breast
  • Melanoma

How to learn more.

Submit the contact form to speak to one of our technical experts to learn more about our 3D Ex Vivo Patient Tissue Platform and how it can be used to improve your chances for clinical trial success.

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