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Application Note: HuTrial™ Case Studies

Use preclinical population studies to understand who will benefit from your treatment before you enter the clinic

CrownBio Application Note: HuTrial™ Case Studies

Oncology agent approval is very low, with failure rates historically standing at 95% due to a lack of efficacy in late phase clinical trials. Greater knowledge is needed preclinically on which patient groups will respond to an agent and the genetic reasons why, to improve patient clinical stratification and reduce attrition rates.

Preclinical population studies (also known as avatar or mouse clinical trials) provide an accurate, predictive, and cost-effective method to identify responders and non-responders to a novel agent, as well as predictive biomarkers and genetic signatures of response. The studies use panels of highly predictive patient-derived xenograft (PDX) models to represent the diversity of the human clinical population.

Crown Bioscience’s population study platform HuTrial has been successfully combined with our genetic signature discovery and validation algorithm, as well as a biomarker identification platform, to elucidate and understand who will benefit from a range of treatments, before entering clinical trial.

Download This Application Note to Learn About:

  • How using a 1:1 SCLC PDX HuTrial determined a subset of models sensitive to PARP inhibitor treatment
  • Using population studies to validate predictive oncogenic alleles and genetic signatures to guide and improve colorectal cancer treatment
  • How a population study was used to discover EGFR gene amplification as a genetic signature for cetuximab treatment in gastric cancer

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