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Poster A026: Cetuximab Response vs EGFR Expression Analysis

Analysis of Cetuximab Response in Colon, Gastric, and Lung Cancer PDX Models

Binchen Mao, Wubin Qian, Sheng Guo, Jie Cai, and Henry Q. Li

CrownBio 2017. Poster: Anti-PD-1 Treatment Induces Gut Microbiota Profile ChangesCurrently, the link between cetuximab treatment response and EGFR expression level is unclear. While cetuximab response in colorectal cancer (CRC; for which the drug is approved) seems to have no correlation with EGFR expression level, preclinical studies in other indications (e.g. gastric cancer), show that cetuximab efficacy does positively correlate with EGFR expression.

Response to cetuximab may therefore involve different biological pathways in different indications, which would be useful to elucidate. CrownBio has analyzed genomic and cetuximab efficacy treatment data from CRC, gastric carcinoma, and NSCLC PDX models to better understand the interaction between EGFR expression and tumor growth, compared with more traditional tumor growth inhibition readouts.

The poster also reviews a machine learning protocol to identify potential biomarkers for cetuximab treatment in carcinoma, at both gene and pathway levels.

Read this Poster to Discover:

  • That under cetuximab treatment, significant interactions between tumor growth rate and EGFR expression level are found in gastric cancer and NSCLC, but not in CRC
  • The multigene signatures which can predict response to cetuximab in gastric, lung, and colon cancer, discovered through machine learning
  • That EGFR is ranked as the top gene for predicting response to cetuximab, confirming clinical observations

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