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Poster 240: Evaluate Bispecific Antibodies with PBMC-Humanised Models

Establishment and application of a panel of PBMC-humanised mouse tumour models in immuno-oncology and targeted cancer immunotherapy

Shanshan Qi, Lan Zhang, Haochen Wu, Xiaoyu An, Weibin Tan*, Xiaoyan Fu*, Meng Qiao, Qian Shi, WenQing Yang

*Taicang Blood Center, Taicang, Suzhou, P.R. China

Poster 240: Evaluate Bispecific Antibodies with PBMC-Humanised ModelsAs immuno-oncology continues to dominate preclinical cancer research, improved immunocompetent and humanised mouse models are needed. This is particularly true for bispecific antibody assessment, where there are many potential new therapies in preclinical and clinical development.

CrownBio has developed a panel of PBMC-humanised models which provide a fast, reliable, and cost effective platform for the preclinical efficacy testing of bispecific antibodies.

The model platform also has a range of other immuno-oncology applications including the testing of targeted cancer immunotherapies.

Read this Poster to Discover:

  • That PBMC-humanised MiXeno™ models, with specific tumor antigen targeting strategies, are an ideal preclinical model system to evaluate bispecific antibodies

  • The full list of bispecific antibodies tested with the PBMC-humanised model platform, including target, test article, and tumour response

  • How frozen PBMC derived-models show comparable immune cell constitution with fresh PBMCs, suggesting commercial PBMCs as an alternative source of immune cells for this platform

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