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Poster 329: Orthotopic Syngeneics: More Clinically Relevant I/O Models

Recapitulating the orthotopic tumour microenvironment using bioluminescent syngeneic models in immune competent mice for checkpoint inhibitor interrogation

Nektaria Papadopoulou, Jason Davies, Louise Wainwright, Jane Wrigley, Simon Jiang, Jason King, Yinfei Yin, and Rajendra Kumari

Poster 329: Orthotopic Syngeneics: More Clinically Relevant I/O ModelsWhile subcutaneous syngeneic models are widely used for immunotherapy assessment, orthotopic syngeneics provide a more clinically relevant tumour microenvironment (TME). This is important as response to immuno-oncology agents can depend heavily on the TME.

Orthotopic syngeneic models have a patient-relevant, organ-specific tumour location which enables metastatic spread. It also recapitulates the immune and stromal component interactions with the tumour.

We have developed a panel of orthotopic syngeneic models to allow immunotherapy and combination regimen testing in more clinically relevant models, as well as to effectively model metastasis. The models are bioluminescent, which also allows non-invasive longitudinal monitoring of orthotopic tumour burden and end stage quantification of tumour spread.

Read this Poster to Discover:

  • The development of orthotopic syngeneic tumours with clinically relevant TME e.g. vasculature, hypoxia, stromal infiltration, etc, using bioluminescent imaging

  • Standard of care and immune checkpoint inhibitor assessment using orthotopic syngeneic models, for a more clinically relevant response

  • How bioluminescent imaging also allows the set-up of spontaneous metastasis and experimental metastasis syngeneic models

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