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AACR Poster 4609: Varied Panel of Sarcoma PDX Models Developed

Establishment of Sarcoma PDX Models with Various Subtypes for Drug Efficacy Evaluation

Jessie Jingjing Wang, Mengxiong Sun*, Likun Zhang, Yingqi Hua*, Henry Qixiang Li, Davy Xuesong Ouyang
*Shanghai General Hospital, Shanghai, China

AACR Poster 4609: Varied Panel of Sarcoma PDX Models DevelopedNovel agents are needed to treat sarcoma, which has a diverse set of subtypes and poor outcome due to metastasis. With the wide variety of sarcoma subtypes, a range of preclinical models are required to fully recapitulate clinical disease.

Patient-derived xenografts (PDX) are derived directly from patient tumors, with no in vitro propagation, maintaining similar histopathology and molecular pathology to original disease. PDX therefore offer the most translational model for preclinical efficacy testing.

This poster details our wide and varied collection of sarcoma PDX models, covering multiple sarcoma clinical subtypes.

Watch this Poster Presentation to Discover:

  • The different types of sarcoma PDX model available, including osteosarcoma, Ewing’s sarcoma, chondrosarcoma, and soft tissue sarcoma models

  • Paired sarcoma PDX, with models derived from primary and metastatic tumors from the same patient

  • Standard of care treatment data for a selection of sarcoma PDX models

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