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AACR Poster 1925: New PDX-Derived Cancer Organoids Developed

Establishment and Characterization of 3D Cancer Organoids as Clinically Relevant Ex Vivo Drug Screening Tools for Cancer Translational Research and Drug Discovery

Xiaoxi Xu, Satya Pathi, Limei Shang, Yan Liu, Peng Han, Likun Zhang, Wenqing Yang, Binchen Mao, Davy Ouyang, Henry Li

AACR Poster 1925: New PDX-Derived Cancer Organoids DevelopedPatient-derived cancer organoids (PDO) are a new and innovative preclinical oncology model system. PDOs are a comprehensive 3D spheroid culture that harbor cancer multicellular components, mimicking cancer lesion structures and tumor heterogeneity.

PDX-derived cancer organoids (PDXO) are also being developed from patient-derived xenograft (PDX) models. PDXOs can be used as scalable and high throughput compatible drug screening platforms.

We are establishing PDXOs from our large collection of genomically and phenotypically annotated and validated PDX models. This poster details the first phase of PDXO development from CRC, lung, gastric, and head and neck PDX, featuring model characterization, QC, and initial SoC assessment.

Watch this Poster Presentation to Discover:

  • That PDXO models and original PDX tumor tissues show similar structural features, maintained over passages, as confirmed by histopathological analysis

  • How RNAseq analysis shows mRNA expression correlation greater than 96% and mutation concordance greater than 94% for the tested models

  • That the majority of PDXO SoC ex vivo drug sensitivity IC50 datasets correlate with in vivo PDX drug sensitivity TGI data

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