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AACR Poster 3418: Authenticating Tumor Models with an NGS-Based SNP Array

A NGS-Based SNP Array for the Identification of Human Xenograft Tumors, Mouse Homograft Tumors, Human and Mouse Cell Lines, and Organoids

Xiaobo Chen, Wubin Qian, Sheng Guo, Qi-Xiang Li

AACR Poster 3418: Authenticating Tumor Models with an NGS-Based SNP ArrayA wide variety of preclinical tumor models are used across oncology drug development, including human xenograft and PDX tumors, mouse homograft tumors, human and mouse cell lines, and organoids. It’s important to track and QC all of these tumor models across different labs to ensure authenticity.

We’ve developed a Next Generation Sequencing (NGS)-based SNP array for the quality assurance of tumor models. This array method is an alternative to STR assays which can have low accuracy for samples of close kinship/genetic background, and are low throughput.

This poster details array development (using DNA-barcoding and pooling to achieve high-throughput capacity), use with murine as well as human models, and validation data.

Read this Poster to Discover:

  • An NGS-based SNP array which is a more efficient and robust method for authenticating tumor models

  • How the NGS-based SNP array can be applied to mouse tumor models as well as human models, highlighting the superiority to standard STR profiling

  • How the SNP array can determine gender, ethnicity, detect viral infection, and mycoplasma contamination

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