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Poster 2811: Evaluate TILs and TAMs in Syngeneic Models

Comparative Study of Anti-PD-1 and CSF1R Inhibition on Tumor Infiltrating Lymphocytes and Macrophage Populations Across a Panel of Syngeneic Tumor Models

Yuki Kato Maves, Hooman Izadi, Elvira Catherina Talaoc, Deborah Yan, Charlene Echegaray, Andrew Calinisan, Krystal Moya, Heather Venant, Mitchell Garland, Radhika Iyer, Shounak Ghosh, Stephanie Songco, Jayant Thatte, and Thomas Broudy
CrownBio 2017. Poster 2824. Discover New PDX Models for Prostate Cancer
CrownBio has developed a syngeneic model screening platform to facilitate the preclinical efficacy testing of immuno-oncology agents in vivo (MuScreen™).

Having an in-depth understanding of the immune makeup of the syngeneic models in which immunomodulatory compounds are screened is paramount for successful translation into the clinic.

Our models have been fully characterized to investigate the correlation between responsiveness and effects of checkpoint inhibitors (e.g. anti-PD-1), and macrophage targeted agents (e.g. CSF1R inhibition) on immune infiltrates including tumor-associated macrophages (TAMs).

Read this Poster to Discover:

  • That response to anti-PD-1 and CSF1Ri varies across syngeneic tumor models

  • How CSF1R inhibition results in a decrease in macrophage populations across models, but its effect on TGI varies

  • That the MuScreen™ platform allows evaluation of test compounds through antitumor response and effect on immune phenotypes in various tumor models

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