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3 Strategies to Identify Clinically Predictive Biomarkers in the Preclinical Space

Identifying Clinically Predictive Biomarkers in the Preclinical Space

Robust and sensitive biomarker discovery and validation is key to identifying the right patient populations and cancer indications for specific therapeutics. This, in turn, is vital to progressing personalized medicine approaches to improve anticancer agent attrition rates and patient outcomes.

Early identification of biomarkers during preclinical drug development provides extra benefits including facilitating biomarker and companion diagnostic clinical testing, and ultimately de-risking clinical trials.

In this webinar, we review how to apply systems biology in early stage drug development for biomarker discovery and validation, and how to translate preclinical biomarkers to the clinic to improve trial outcomes. We also present three case studies showing novel strategies to identify and utilize biomarkers using a range of translational preclinical models.

Watch this Webinar to Learn How To:

  • Funnel your therapeutic through in silico, in vitro, ex vivo, and in vivo model systems in an intelligent way, reducing timelines and maximizing data value
  • Use in vitro models to uncover genetic signatures of response and guide in vivo model selection for further validation
  • Explore drug mechanism of action using patient-derived xenografts (PDX) enabling clinical-preclinical data corroboration
  • Translate preclinical biomarkers into the clinic, and how this enables the identification and stratification of relevant patient populations

Who Should Watch:

  • Oncology program leaders who want to maximize their therapeutic candidate's clinical benefit through improved patient stratification
  • Scientists interested in optimizing preclinical studies including mouse clinical trials for biomarker discovery
  • Decision makers looking to achieve efficient and rapid market approval of oncology agents

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About The Presenter:

Mike Batey, Crown Bioscience Inc webinarMike Batey has over 20 years’ experience in preclinical and translational science, business development, and marketing, across a variety of academic, industrial, and commercial roles. His major focus has been in cancer research and small animal imaging and he has authored more than 30 abstracts and publications.

Mike started his career at the Northern Institute for Cancer Research, Newcastle University, UK, (1997-2011) where he developed expertise in the design and establishment of new models of cancer (including primary, human derived models, and orthotopic models in both solid and liquid disease). Mike also made key contributions to the development of a number of novel anticancer drugs now licensed or in late stage clinical trial, including preclinical biomarker discovery.

Prior to joining Crown Bioscience, Mike worked as an independent consultant to Pharma and Biotech. His previous roles include Head of Oncology and Preclinical Imaging at Epistem Ltd. (2011-2016), and Senior Business Development Manager, Global Marketing at Waters Corporation (2016-2018). Mike is an active member of the American Association for Cancer Research.

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