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On Demand Webinar

Next Generation Syngeneic Models to Facilitate Immuno-Oncology Research

Presenter: Dr Davy Ouyang, Vice President, Scientific Research & Innovation

Next generation syngeneic models to facilitate immuno-oncology research

Syngeneic tumor models are critical for immuno-oncology drug discovery, but very little is known about why they respond differently to various immunotherapies. In-depth understanding, syngeneic profiling, and next generation models are needed to enhance rational model selection and maximize I/O drug development studies.

In this webinar, Dr Davy Ouyang presents the latest syngeneic model research, including deep kinetic profiling and immune cell depletion studies to explore mediation of immunotherapy response. Next generation syngeneic models are also discussed, including engineered and bioluminescent models, as well as novel I/O platforms for moving beyond standard syngeneic studies.

Watch this Webinar to Learn:

  • How deep kinetic profiling reveals the unique tumor microenvironment (TME) of syngeneic tumors and the impact on host immunity during tumorigenesis
  • How immune cell depletion studies show distinct roles of different immune cell lineages in mediating PD-1 response in different syngeneic lines
  • How to enhance preclinical immunotherapy drug discovery by using next generation syngeneic models  including engineered models and bioluminescent options for optical in vivo imaging
  • How tumor homograft models expand syngeneic tumor sources, and how to use target humanized models to assess human-specific therapeutics

Who Should Watch:

  • Oncology program leaders who want to maximize the translatability of their I/O preclinical studies
  • Scientists interested in staying up to date on novel murine immunity models and tools for assessing immunotherapy efficacy and PD
  • Researchers looking to understand how murine immunity models can be used to interrogate I/O drug mechanism of action and TME

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About The Presenter:

Dr Davy Ouyang, Vice President, Scientific Research & Innovation, Crown BioscienceDr Davy Ouyang, Vice President, Scientific Research & Innovation leads the development of Crown Bioscience's varied immuno-oncology platform, including genetically engineered mouse models (GEMM), GEMM derived homografts, target humanized models, and humanized PDX.

Davy has extensive industry/academic research experience, particularly in the areas of oncology and murine genetics. His research has spanned many aspects of cancer biology and pharmacology, centering on interrogating the molecular mechanisms of human cancer using rodent models.

Davy's previous positions include at the Merck Research Laboratory  leading RNAi GEMM development, and as an associate principal scientist working on drug target identification and validation. Prior to industry, he completed his PhD and post-doctoral trainings in oncology with two international leaders in the prostate cancer field, Dr. Y. C. Wong at the University of Hong Kong, and Dr. Cory Abate-Shen at Rutgers University/Columbia University, respectively. He has published over 30 research papers in the biomedical field.

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