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On Demand Webinar

Microbiome Drug Development with Whole Communities and Defined Consortia

joseph maxwell microbiome webinarPresenter: Dr. Joseph Maxwell, Finch Therapeutics

Microbiome therapies are still in their infancy, but are rapidly advancing into clinical testing for diverse disease conditions. Many companies are sprouting up to deliver novel microbial therapies to realize the promise of this approach.

Finch Therapeutics uses a human-first platform to identify key diseases of interest and tailor drug development towards a Full Spectrum Microbiota™ or Rationally Selected Microbiota™. Examples of programs within each of these categories will be presented as will the benefits/risks of each approach.

Watch this Webinar to Learn:

  • The role of microbiota in IBD, Crohn's, and other diseases
  • How specific microbes drive clinical phenotypes
  • Novel approaches for tailored drug development

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About The Presenter:

Dr. Joseph Maxwell, Finch Therapeutics  webinarDr. Joseph Maxwell, Finch Therapeutics, received his PhD in Immunology from Oregon State University while studying the effects of costimulation on T cell clonal expansion and survival. He further examined the influence of inflammation and adjuvanticity on T cell responses during his postdoctoral fellowship at the University of Connecticut Health Center.

Dr. Maxwell subsequently spent 12 years doing target identification and drug development in the Inflammation Research group at Amgen and in the Foundational Immunology group at AbbVie, with particular focus on mechanisms and drug targets for inflammatory bowel disease. He recently joined Finch Therapeutics Group to lead a microbiome drug development program for inflammatory bowel disease that is partnered with Takeda.

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