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Assay-Ready Organoid Drug Screening With Robust, Reproducible and Clinically-Relevant Output

The pharmaceutical industry traditionally used 2D cancer cell lines and 3D spheroids for testing drugs in the lab. However, these models often don't accurately predict how drugs would perform in clinical trials. To improve this, new models like patient-derived organoids (PDOs) have emerged. These PDOs better mimic actual tumors, allowing for the creation of extensive biobanks covering various cancer types and genetic profiles.

In this episode of Teach me in 10, we are joined by Dr. Marrit Putker, Director In Vitro & R&D at Crown Bioscience. Together we explore Crown Bioscience’s robust drug screening platform and new assay-ready organoid platform. These advancements enable quicker, high-throughput screening of drugs and extensive panel tests, offering faster results for drug screening.

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About The Presenter:

Dr. Marrit Putker, Director In Vitro & R&D at Crown Bioscience.

Dr Marrit Putker is a molecular cancer biologist by training, with over 14 years of lab experience. Before starting at Crown Bioscience, she worked as a Postdoctoral fellow in the lab of Hans Clevers, organoid pioneer and HUB founder. She has worked with many kinds of organoid models in her research, including studying the day-night rhythm of tumor cells. With many years’ experience in the organoid field, Dr Marrit Putker is also helping to raise awareness in the industry on the advantages of using organoids as preclinical research models.

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