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Model Information:

MPC-11 Cell Line: Empowering Cancer Research Through Immunotherapy and PD Assessment

The MPC-11 Cell Line is a valuable tool in cancer research, specifically focused on immunotherapy and PD (Pharmacodynamics) assessment. With its unique properties and compatibility with BALB/c mice, this mouse plasma cell myeloma model holds great potential for studying anti-cancer immunotherapeutic efficacy. CrownBio offers the MPC-11 model for subcutaneous and systemic (i.v. injected) applications, providing researchers with versatile options for their studies.

Key Features:

  • Mouse plasma cell myeloma model
  • H-2d haplotype
  • Compatible with BALB/c mice
  • Assess anti-cancer immunotherapeutic efficacy
  • Study PD (Pharmacodynamics)
  • Available for subcutaneous and systemic (i.v. injected) applications

Synonyms: MPC 11, MPC11, Merwin Plasma Cell tumor-11

MPC-11 is a mouse plasma cell myeloma with a H-2d haplotype. This cell line can be grown in BALB/c mice and is fit for the assessment of anti-cancer immunoterapeutic efficacy and PD. At CrownBio, the MPC-11 model is available subcutaneously and systemically (i.v. injected).
Cancer Type Myeloma
Mouse Strain BALB/c

Response to Immune Checkpoint Inhibitors

Additional Characteristics

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