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Model Information:

Key Characteristics of MLY6176

The MLY6176 model exhibits key characteristics that make it valuable for studying lymphoma. It was developed from a transgenic mouse with Ptch1-/+ and P53-/- mutations, representing specific genetic alterations associated with lymphoma. The biopsy site for this model is the thymus, and it has been identified through pathology quality control as DLBCL (PA, P2). Additionally, the MLY6176 model utilizes the C57BL/6 mouse strain, a widely used strain in research.

Special Features of MLY6176 at Crown Bioscience

At Crown Bioscience, the MLY6176 model offers special features that enhance its utility for lymphoma research. The model's genetic background with Ptch1-/+ and P53-/- mutations allows for the investigation of targeted therapies and understanding their efficacy against lymphoma. Researchers can utilize this model to assess treatment response, study tumor biology, and explore novel therapeutic approaches. Crown Bioscience provides a reliable platform for accessing and utilizing the MLY6176 model, enabling advancements in lymphoma research and the development of effective treatment strategies.
Cancer Type Lymphoma
Mutations Ptch1-/+; P53-/-
Biopsy Site Thymus
Pathology QC DLBCL (PA, P2)
Mouse Strain C57BL/6

Growth Characteristics

Additional Characteristics

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