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Model Information:

Synonyms (of parental line): Glioma 261, GLIOMA 261, Glioma-261, GL-261 GL261 is a mouse glioblastoma cell line. The original tumor was induced by intracranial injection of 3-methylcholantrene into C57BL/6 mice(1). GL261 cells were transduced by firefly luciferase gene to generate the reporter line, GL261-luc for the monitoring of disease progression via bioluminescent imaging. The model is suitable for imaging studies and efficacy/PD testing. At CrownBio, the GL261-luc model is offered as both subcutaneous and orthotopic models.
Cancer Type Glioma
Mouse Strain C57BL/6
TMA Null

Response to Immune Checkpoint Inhibitors

Additional Characteristics

(1) Szatmari T., Lumniczky K., Desaknai S., Trajcevski S., Hidvegi E.J., Hamada H., Safrany G. Detailed characterization of the mouse glioma 261 tumor model for experimental glioblastoma therapy. Cancer Sci. 97:546-553, 2006.

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