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Model Information:

The E.G7-OVA cell line is a mouse lymphoma cell line created by introducing a plasmid containing the complete sequence of chicken ovalbumin (OVA) into electroporated EL4 cells, resulting in constitutive OVA synthesis and secretion. C57BL/6N mice immunized with E.G7-OVA cells exhibit H-2Kb restricted cytotoxic lymphocytes specific for the OVA258-276 peptide, making this model valuable for studying cancer immunology. Crown Bioscjence offers both subcutaneous and systemic (i.v. injected) models of E.G7-OVA, as well as the parental EL4 model.
Cancer Type Lymphoma
Mouse Strain C57BL/6N(H-26)

Response to Immune Checkpoint Inhibitors

Additional Characteristics

(1) Moore MW, et al. Introduction of soluble protein into the class I pathway of antigen processing and presentation. Cell 54: 777-785, 1988.

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