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Model Information:

Cancer Type Breast Cancer
Ethnicity Western
Pathology Diagnosis DCIS; IDC
Biopsy Site 1° breast tumor
Treatment History Radiation Therapy After Surgery. She Currently (as 5/1/18) Has Measurable Disease In Her Liver Based On Pet/ct. Er/pr/her2 Negative Began Treatment In 2005 With Lumpectomy And Treatment With Tamoxifen In 2009. Re-occurrence In 2016. She Was Treated Prior To The Primary Being Resected, And It Was Ineffective. She Was Treated With Taxol/carboplatin X 12 Weeks And Tumor Was Still 5.5 Cm At The Time Of Resection. She Has Since Undergone 8 Cycles Of Adjuvant Xeloda. 2006 Radiation With Boost. 2010-2012 Tamoxifen. 2018 Xeloda. 2018 Genetic Testing Chek2 Vus: P.g342s. 2018 Gabaapentin At Night.
Pathology QC N/A
Special Features N/A
Viral Status in PDX N/A
Available In CB_CN
Exome Seq N/A
Sq # 9493
Source Utah

Growth Characteristics

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